About us

Now living on the North York moors, Steep hills are abundant, In fact Trials  bikes are more the run of the mill around here. Not for us though!! We want to keep pedalling. We need "enough" power to continue enjoying ourselves as before we moved to one of the most hilly parts of the UK. Hill climbing ability was paramount. Our hobby has now gladly progressed int a livelihood work, which keeps us happy and busy. Recording a blog about that hobby has changed my lifestyle. We now have lots of experience in bringing together the right bicycle with the right motor and the right battery to help customers make the right choice (Hence Electric Goat Bikes). Quality parts are the key. Many dealers can offer you the best of a bunch, but I can find out what is needed and build the complete bike to specific requirements. Even basic needs such as a choice of frame sizes are not available with many e bike manufacturers. I build bikes to suit the riders' needs. Almost any type of bike can be converted, whether it is your own bike, an idea, or something from my unique range. Please call 01458 550304 for a chat.